making the most of my blog


With all the comments about my blog, with it's current and planned changes I thought I'd post some tips on making the most of the site. Without resorting to pimping my stats, I can meaningfully say that, at least 82% of my page views are with people using a web browser, and not using RSS feeds. In other words most people visiting this site, come once a week, or less, and use a web browser with a bookmark to access my site.

The reason for moving to the current format was to help keep posts as current for as long as possible, for the majority of visitors. What used to happen was that posts quickly dissapeared of the blog and unless you read it nearly every day to missed all the previous items. So at a glance you can take in a months worth of posts.

Another reason to change was to try to have more comments and interactions, and the new layout make it easier to see current conversations and with whom, rather than just a number underneath a post.

Overall the number of visits, and comments has increased substantially since the site re-design, for which I am eternallly grateful to JD. But I'm aware that the design will suit some and not others. However here are some tips for different kinds of readers to maximise the site:

1. Email reader: If you like things being pushed to you, use the email notifications sign up in the bottom right hand corner side bar. When I make a post you will receive a copy of it directly into your email. 2. RSS Feed: Why not try a news feed reader and the RSS feed for this site, an explanation of how these work are here. I tend to read/scan the 165 blogs I have bookmarked this way. It's much quicker and I can track any new posts at a glance. 3. Weekly Newsletter: Why not sign up for a weekly newsletter, that sends you a summary of each post for the week in an email newsletter. This might work better if you rely on reminders coming to you a few times a month showing what's new. 4. Manual Visit: Use a book mark, or type in my address when you feel like checking up.

Using one, some or all of these you should be able to get the information from the site you want, when you want it. I hope that's some help.