Hirschy enters the blogosphere!


Alan Hirsch is a good friend of Jason's and great author, and (lucky guy) Jase has seen draft of the book that Alan is blogging about and it is amazing....

Alan writes:

Hi friends and colleagues Just a noted to let you know that after many years of deliberating, Ihave decided to start blogging. My tardiness is due mainly to laziness rather than the belief that blogging is not a meaningful way to engage people and dialogue our way through ideas. My blog will be focused on the critical issues of reawakening the ethos of apostolic movements, missional leadership, recovering a radical Christology,etc. in the 21 Century Church.

Of course, I will be following the logic of my new book, The Forgotten Ways:Reactivating the Missional Church (Brazos, 2006). It is at the printers as we speak and should be available anytime now. I am genuinely excited about the potential of the book. I have also developed, and am further developing, various tools that serve toenhance what the book's appeal and impact. So if you are at all interested, you can find me wandering/wondering here.