Changes to my blog in 2007


I would like to update readers on some changes that I am planning for this site in the coming months.

You may already have seen and interacted with a small team of guest posters that I have asked to be involved on the site when I am away teaching, studying or on holiday. This team has provided a variety of excellent quality material from differing perspectives and played a significant part in contributing to the aim of this site to be a safe place for diverse conversations about church. I would like to thank the team for their contribution so far.

Building a team of guest authors

In fact it has been such a successful feature of the site that I have invited additional guest authors to form an enlarged team. I have invited these people as:

Interesting relevant writers: for the most part they have blogs of their own who’s content I highly commend to you. I hope that by featuring some of their best of posts from their own blogs you will be able to get a flavour for their content and style and visit and interact with them on their sites as well as mine.

Diverse voices: The guest authors come from a variety of countries, cover a plethora of ages, interests, some are practitioners, others participators, some observers and a mix of male and female. Whilst I know you appreciate my own thoughts and style I am only valid speaking about my research, context and specific practices. By opening the site up to these guest voices I hope you will experience richer and more rewarding conversations, ideas, interactions and perspectives rather than the existing Clark monologue.

Generous conversational church: One of the values of emergent is to be a generous church and to make space for all voices, I hope that in part this will help model this value in this place. I hope as well it will encourage a community that can write well as well as interact in a generous, loving manner.

Helping me out: these folk are helping me out by giving me time to develop my own writing and keep the mix on the site that of information, links as well as more thought provoking and interactive posts.

Building community: Many of the guest authors will be familiar to you already as people who involve themselves in commenting/questioning/exploring on this site. Some of them will not be so familiar with you but nevertheless will, I think add to the vibrancy of the community that we are part of here.

I am hoping to have a couple of guest authors post each week and to bring you mini interviews with each of the team so we can find out more about them.

Including your voice?

I would like to continue to expand the number of guest authors that take part in this community and increase the number of diverse voices still further. If you would like to be considered, you’ll have some idea from the above of what I am looking for, please drop me a line or leave a comment below.