Good Energy


As we complete the environmental impact review of our church and get ready to explore the topic of enviromental stewardship at the end of this year, our family have been exploring ways to reduce our impact at home.

In particular we are switching our electricity to, which will cost 10% more but mean that our electricity is supplied from 100% renewable sources.


Another more major change has been the downsizing of our car. We used to have a Renault Grand Espace, that I bought at auction. It was very new and about the biggest car on the road in the UK. Even though it wasn't too bad when full with the five of us, using it in London around town for small trips used too much fuel, and produced to many emissions.


So we have swapped it for a Fiat Multipla, a 6 seater car, voted Europes Ugliest car. But it's practicle for town driving, fits our family size and has reduced considerably our pollution.