Blogs are the new congregations


Now I love blogs, but never want to overestimate their reach. So tongue in cheek, but with some alacrity for a critique of blogging, I offer these observations of the simulacra of blogging for congregations.

1. Attendance:We used to measure church by how many people attend, now it's about how many hits, and unique visits.

2. Giving:We also checked how much was in the offering, but now we look for who has signed up for my newsletter/updates (or clicked through my ads).

3. Monologue:We declared the monologue was dead and replaced it with the monologue.

4. Participation:Frustrated by congregations as spaces where only the few participated, we now have thousands of visitors where just a few people comment, whilst everyone else watches/lurks/visits.

5. Status:Well we had leaders too concerned with position and status and thanks to blogs we have replaced them with 'A' list bloggers, regularly telling us about their level of hits, awards, technorati rankings, and number of external links.

So it's all changed then :-)