Why I hate PCs


Despite my interest in technology I try to avoid gratuitous tech postings on my site, and I rarely rant but I just had to get this off my chest.

1. Take a high grade PC Running Windows XP with hardly any programmes installed on it. 2. Then run Norton Internet Security, that needs it's virus definitions updated, but the annual subscription is due for renewal. 3. Click the renewal button. 4. Be dazzled by the updgrade offer and pay the extra £15. 5. Talk to colleague about how nervous you are of PC's and installation and upgrades, and listen to him say 'faith is spelt R.I.S.K' and hit submit/accept.

6. Download the new upgrades, or start to. 7. Watch as windows explorer crashes, and you lose the downloads. 8. Open email looking for the purchase information so you can redownload..and find no email yet. 9. Open explorer and use the history to find the site and download page, re-enter email and password and download again. 10. Downloads have finished, run the installation. Computer crashes...reboot. 11. Run installer again, get message that installer is already running and installer won't work. 12. Spend 15 minutes searching web for a number to call for support 13. Wait 15 minutes and get connected and explain problem. 14. Get told that you need to manually uninstall the original programme before upgrade. 15. Find this a strange thing to do and ask why this wasn't mentioned in the purchase and and upgrade section...no answer. 16. Ask the tech support, 'if I do this my machine will have no virus and internet security, what if I still can't get the installer to work?' 17. Get promise that this is normal and will work....feel very uncomforted. 18. Delete programme,which takes 10 minutes, rummage around in temp file folders and registery, get PC user flashbacks then re-boot. 19. Run installer again, to get error message, saying somethig about previous installation files missing... 20. Call tech support and wait again. 21. Get told this is normal and I need to download a special extra uninstaller. 22. Search the web, find uninstaller, install it, re-boot, run it, reboot. 23. Run installer, it works...kind of. 24. Get error message saying programme won't run as my subscription is out of date. 25. Start to get very very cross and speak to computer "I just paid to upgrade how can you be out of date!!!' 26. Call and wait for tech support again. 27. Be told there is another special programme to download to fix this, it is normal for uprgrading. 28. Download fix, install, reboot, run, reboot 29. Run installer again, run updates...success. 30. Realise that in the midst of my busy day this process has taken 2 hours of my time and time of the staff member who needs to use my computer.

Sit back and compare this with anyone in office who will listen to a process of upgrading programme on my mac yesterday.

1. Click download. 2. Folder autmatically opens on desktop. 3. Click and drap .5 cm to the applications short cut folder that is open on screen, with big colourful arrows to show what to do. 4. Wait 20 seconds. 5. Fire up new programme and off I go.

I remember why I moved to Mac's!!!