Well after my summer orientation at Oxford, for a P.hD through the Graduate Theological Foudnation with supervision provided by Oxford University, faculty at Oxford suggested I look to transfer to a full D.Phil in Oxford, but I couldn't meet the residency requirements. Whilst I was in Oxford I got to spend some time with Prof Andrew Walker of Kings College and he suggested I move to Kings.

So after thinking I would find it impossible to meet UK university residency requirements (I am staying in my full time pastoral role), I had my interview at Kings College London today, and have been accepted. My primary superviser will be Luke Bretherton, and secondary will be Andrew Walker.

It feels like the research opportunity of a lifetime. Whilst I enjoyed the vigor of my doctor of ministry, I am looking forward to the rigor of a P.hD. Having surfaced from my D.Min feeling on top of my game so to speak, the pre-induction reading list from my superviser (see below), has me feeling like I did on my first day at school, overwhelmed, and out of my depth. Still gives me something else to blog about for the next 6 years!

My intitial research proposal is here. I'd love feedback from any of you on the topic and suggestions for my reading.

I also need help with sponsorship and funding for the programme, more information is here

Initial Reading...

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