New venture in theological education


Westminster Theological Centre ( is an exciting new venture in theological education and training based at St Mary’s Bryanston Square (, a large and vibrant church in central London, with a heart for worldwide church planting and the reimagining of church for the Postmodern world.

The Principal is Dr Crispin Fletcher-Louis, a biblical theologian with an international reputation, previous experience teaching in the Universities of Durham and Nottingham and twenty years' experience of charismatic renewal, pioneering and emerging church.

WTC has gathered together a community of theological educators from around the world and is partnering with Ridley Hall, Cambridge, in ordination training within the Church of England. Training and degree-level teaching towards a BA or MA in Theology is available to all.

“WTC promises to be a crucible of theological creativity and a major resource for all those interested in a recovery of deep church for the Postmodern world”. Jason Clark, Emergent UK Leader.

“An exciting new development in theological education that will undergird new moves of the Holy Spirit with strong biblical theology”. Barry Kissell, Associate Vicar, St Mary’s Church.

To find out more about Westminster Theological Centre, to see dates and information about upcoming courses, to register your interest, or for a map of the school's location, please see