Elusive Consumption: I shop therefore I know I am


Elusive Consumption: by Karin M. Ekstrom (Editor), Helene Brembeck (Editor) UK - £16.14, USA - $26.95

A few weeks ago I was talking over my P.hD research with Graham Cray, and he recommended this book to me. I have finally gotten around to start reading it, and have to rave about it here.

It takes a multidisciplinary approach in exploring consumerism, from neuro-linguistics, economics, social anthropology, metaphysical philosophy, semiotics etc. One of the most standout chapters for me is Chapter 2, "I shop therefore I know I am", exploring the security and meaning consumerism provides (ontological and epistemological analysis).

If your looking for a readable and serious read on consumerism, you might enjoy this book, especially as a follow on to "The Rebel Sell".