Digg Me


You may have noticed a new link on my posts, near to the comments link in each post, that says 'Digg This'.

If you like a post I make and think it would be great for others to read, then click the Digg This link, and people reading the Digg site will see the link and can then read the post.

From the Digg about page:

What are the benefits of using Digg? From About Computing For casual users, Digg is a goldmine of great stories, hard to find tutorials, practical tips, you name it. From Technology to Sports, there's a plethora of categories to choose from. For website owners or bloggers, Digg can be your new best friend. Stories that are submitted to Digg and actually make it to the front page can cause what has become known as the "Digg Effect", a huge influx of traffic from Digg to your site or blog. It's a great way to invite more people to your spot on the Web.