Dear Church


Dear Church: Letters from a disillusioned Generation, by Sarah Cunningham UK - £6.13 USA - $ 7.95

Conrad Gempf sent me this book (BTW his blog is one of my all time favourites, and if you haven't visited him please do). Just scanning it has imapcted me greatly. The first part of the book explores why so many young people are disillusioned with church. This part wasn't new or surpring for me, but the second part was.

An exploration of not just what is wrong with church, but the unrealistic expectations of people of the church. That is not just about the church changing, but us changing too, and seeing what we do that contributes to the problem.

I wrote here once a post called What's wrong with Christians?, acknowledging the vital need for the church to face up to how it needs to reform, but what about the Christians leaving and giving up, asking is it all the churches fault?