Blog Day: 3108


Sometime in June 2005 Israeli blogger Nir Ofir had a realization: the date 3108 (or August 31st) looks suspiciously like the word “Blog.” He also wanted to do something about the fact that despite the notion of blogging being something available to so many, what happens is a few people link to the same blogs, all the time, and most new blogs never get an audience.

Just as church circles are self referencing, blogging is largely the same. So Nir started Blog Day on 31st August 2005. I missed posting for it by a day, but at his suggestion here are 5 posts to blogs you might not know about.

As a meme, the idea is if everyone does this once a year on Blog Day, 3108, then the blogging world would open up a lot more. So 5 blogs for you, and why not pick up the meme and post 5 on yours, with the Tag 'blogday'.

AMY GAHRAN: The Right Conversation Chris Tilling: Chrisendom Dave Richards: Defeating Global Poverty Pete Rollins: Ikon Presentation Zen