Art and Ministry in the 21st Century

In recent years there has been a resurgence of art within the church in general.  I am one who looks at this as a sign of ever-changing times, new expression as well as reversion to a simpler time.  With a faith that is simple, looking to the Great Commandment and Great Commission I am in love with all that a beautiful painting can conjure in one’s mind.  Take for example this painting, Salvation, that I own, which was painted by my dear friend, Artist and Anglican Priest J. Gordon Anderson.  In it we see a familiar picture of Christ across the lap of Mary, post-crucifixion.  Studying it for a time I feel a sense of worship emanating from my soul, tears well up in my eyes and I am ever thankful for the example, the perfect example God sent to bring me into a relationship with.

Gordon is a quite unique individual, who is able to express his devotion to God through multiple mediums.  Looking at his various paintings, we can see beyond just what the picture is showing us, but also about how the creator has worked through man to form our world and our view of the world.  Missing from his web page, but soon available are his more recent works where he has dedicated himself back to painting icons in a traditional, yet modern way.  They should soon show up on his web page, but are also to be seen at an art exhibit in Baltimore that is noted in the article below.  If you are in the area later this month be sure to catch this exhibit.

I’m attaching a link to a Baltimore Sun article from Baltimore, Maryland USA that was recently written about Gordon.  Please sit back, read and then surf his web page.

Dean Whisnant
Imagine Christian Fellowship
Baltimore, MD USA