Summer Reading


I start my next doctorate (doctor of philosophy) at Hogwarts...I mean Christ Church,Oxford with a two week residency on monday 24th July. My reading list is below for the seminars I have elected. Each day as I get internet access I'll blog some of the things I have been learning and the seminar topics.

Sigmund Freud,Penguin Great Ideas : Civilisation and Its Discontents Jean Paul Satre,L'existentialisme est un humanisme Viktor E. Frankl,Man's Search For Meaning Alfred Adler,Understanding Human Nature John Burdick,Looking for God in Brazil: The Progressive Catholic Church in Urban Brazil's Religious Arena Philip Sheldrake,"Spaces for the Sacred: Place, Memory, and Identity" Robert M. Hamma,Landscapes of the Soul: A Spirituality of Place Julian Huxley,Evolutionary Humanism (Great Minds Series) Edward O. Wilson,On Human Nature (Penguin Science) Steve Bruce,God Is Dead: Secularization in the West (Religion in the Modern World) David Morgan,The Sacred Gaze: Religious Visual Culture in Theory and Practice Timothy Jenkins,"Religion in English Everyday Life: An Ethnographic Approach (Methodology and History in Anthropology, V. 5)"