No Bald Bishops: Women as bishops?


I have been listening intently to various interviews on BBC Radio 4, with male and female priests, academics and church members, and even members of parliment, centred around one of the issues being discussed at present by the Church of England Synod on whether women can and should be ordained as Bishops.

Those appealing a case that this should not happen, men and women in the interviews, frequently fell back on Jesus's selection of men as the disciples. If Jesus wanted women in charge of his church he would have chosen them as disciples. Various arguments ensued about culture and restrictions, and what St.Paul really said etc.

What struck me the most was the logic or not of this argument, and how it connects to anything else JEsus said and did.

But when it came to disciples Jesus did not choose:

1. Non Jews: so no gentile priests then, or blacks or any other ethnic group then? 2. Disabled People: So no-one with disabilities should be a priest then? 3. Bald People: As good Jews I guess they all had hair, so no bald people? :-)

So if the basis of who can be a priest is on who Jesus chose, why land on the sexual identity, and not other characteristics. And if you want to limit this process to being male or female, how and why?