Lambeth Palace and Westminster


I had breakfast in London with Dr Crispin Fletcher-Louis, Principal of Westminster Theological Centre, London, and heared about the theolgoical training programmes they are trying to produce for the Anglican charistmatic churches, and some other house church streams, that sounds very creative, and constructive.

I then walked down to Lambeth Palace, for a meeting with the organisers of Mission 21, and event that happened in March organised by anglicans, methodists, pentecostals and some others form the house church movement.

A few things I found exciting about their projects where:

1. The inclusion of more established churches, usually seen as outside of 'Emerging Church', modelling the value of deep ecclessiolgy 2. The story of Mike Shaw from Re:Source in Bristol, of how the Baptist Union are funding Mike to help the larger baptist churches in Bristol, support the small baptist churches that are open to change and want help, to use their buildings and members for missional and community engagement. Very unglamorous but utterly missional, and captivating.