How to read the bible?


UK - £9.99 USA - $13

A few weeks ago I did the first in series about the bible, giving an introduction to how the bible was put together. We have long standing christians, and new christians in our church community, and most seem to have no idea how the bible was put together, and how to approach it with any confidence.

Whilst keeping my eyes pealed for items to help turn this into a series, I came across this book by Eugene Peterson. I plan to take this on holiday, and from dipping into it so far, it seems to be a wonderful induction tino how to read the bible, beyond a congnitive propostiional approach. The book aspires to help us bring our whole selves to the process of reading scripture.

It seems to be a challenging book that does not offer a 10 steps to making the bible easy to understand, but offers the challenge of taking the bible seriously. In what I have read so far I think Peterson is suggesting that for many of us who think we have taken the bible seriously, we may not have taken it seriously at all, in terms of the depths of approach to scripture that are possible.

This is a challenging book, if you want a challenge, that would have us let the bible read us.

I think many of us need to rediscover a confidence in the bible, and how to engage with it as communities and individuals, which is probably the task of every new generation of christians. This book might be a huge help if you are wanting some of that.