A great deal of academic theology and thought explains how the modern church has lost touch with culture due to the influence of postmodernity, and it's enculturation to modernity. In other words the modern church mistakes some of what is thinks as biblical and theological, for cultural accomodations, as has been the case with every other form of church in history. And when culture changes, the church is left disconnected from people.

Most of this rethinking of the nature of Christianity, however, is disconnected from those actually involved in the day-to-day activities of the local church. In effect is the rethinking of church an mission causing those involved in that process to loose connection to the Church Catholic? Again I think we see this as a pattern in church history.

As you may have noticed, from my posts on deep church, positive church, and generous orthodoxy, I am most excited by and anticipating what will happen when the rethinking of church and mission re-connects to the church Catholic, and we see real missional engagement through existing and new forms of church, and the restoration of belief and confidence in Church again.