Understanding how media shapes faith, gospel and church


The Hidden Power of Electronic Culture: By Shane Hipps UK - £9.28 US - $12.34

I just got this book, and I think it's the best book I have read to date on providing an overview of and understanding of media and culture in the context of church and mission.

A couple of reasons for why it's worth and read and buy:

1. Understanding Marshall McLuhan: This book draws heavily from one the most prominent experts on media and culture, Marshall McLuhan. McLuhan is often quoted for his many dictums in particular 'The Medium is the Message'. If you want to understand McLuhan (he is hard to read), then this book is a good primer on him, and you can avoid using his dictum without understanding what he really meant.

2. Navigation: This book gets down and dirty rather being theoretical and academic on the popular media that we use and face as we try to do mission and church in a post-modern world. If you are shy of modern media this book will be a big help in finding ways to engage. Also if you are the kind of person to submerge yourself uncritically into new media, this book will be a helpful to avoid become faddish and superficial.

Question for you: What books and resources have you found helpful for understanding media and culture?