Overcoming Procrastination


The Now Habit: by Neil Fiore, UK - £6.67, USA - $10.74

I like to think of myself as someone who gets things done, and works hard. In fact at many times I tend to be a workaholic, which isn't great. I've found myself struggling to start writing two books, putting it off, and off, and my new research project, is looming.

Serendipitously this book fell into my RSS reader, and it explores how and why people procrastinate, whether you are more inclined to avoid work, or if you are a workaholic. It deal with fears, anxiety, exploring why we put things off, and ways to overcome anxiety. It also looks at why so may times we feel guilty about play, and how to engage in life and relaxation no matter how busy we are.

So if you ever struggle to start something major, acheive some goals, are always about to start something but never do, or maybe have achieved some things but find it hard to move on, try this book, it's so helpful.