Emerging Evangelism


UK - £9.95 USA - $13

The 'E' word. In our needed journey away from sales pitch evangelism, maybe many of us have lost confidence in evangelism. Just the word gives us a post-fundamentalist shiver, and post traumatic flashbacks.

So whilst evangelism has been a big subject of the modern church, it has fallen into neglect during our detoxing. How can we recover confidence in the gospel, and engage in evangelism in positive ways, and move beyond our fear of what we know didn't work and we didn't enjoy doing?

Well a good place to start might be to read this book. It is an expansion and follow on from the Church of England's Mission Shaped Church.

I've only skimmed it so far, but it has moved to my must read in full shelf of new books. Have any of you read it, or any of you come across other books on evangelism that have been helpful?