The belly of the beast


Pete Rollins: How (not) to Speak of God £10.44 - UK $12.97 - USA

At the start of May in Geneva with Brian McLaren, I got to spend some time with Pete Rollins, including a shared spiritual experience. I'd heard of Pete but never met him. I found him funny, super sharp, and engaging.

Pete had some copies of his new book with him, and some well known bloggers are reviewing it favorably. I've finally had the time to sit down and get an overview of it, and it's one of the most novel, impacting small books I have come across in a long time.

Sometimes you need people to go to places you can't because of time and ability, and sometimes because they are downright scary. Pete has gone into the depths of french existential phenomenologists, and found God for us.

So what you may ask? Well in europe at a time when God seems remarkably absent, and the modern apologetics of certitude are hard to stomach and offer little comfort, where can we find hope in the wasteland of belief we face.

Pete's book gave me some hope, and a beautiful sense of God's presence, around some of the most difficult issues facing faith. If you are dealing with questions of doubt and pain, and wondering where God is, Pete's book might be the guide that helps you.

You can catch Pete blogging here.