Priests, Prophets, and Theologians

I am off to the airport, for our Emergent event with Brian McLaren, 8-9th May in Geneva. I'll post photos and notes, and reflections when I can. Meantime some friends who are coming on board as authors, will be posting on the site this week. Looking forward to you meeting them here.

Priests, Prophets, and Theologians

Divergent views on the future of Church On May 9-10, the Shema Community and Emergent will be hosting a series of conversations for community leaders and others who deeply care about the future practice of Chris- tianity in the world.

Over the course of the two days, there will be several panel discussions with guests Brian McLaren, Jason Clark, Andrew Jones, James KA Smith, Dave Flemming, and Peter Rollins. There will also be panelists from the Geneva region participating in the discussions.

Panel 1- Divergent views on the theology of the missional church (Topically focused on: re-forming theology, other religions, new creation)

Panel 2- Re-formation of missional language and its re-shaping the practice of the church (Topically focused on: prophetical, theological, political)

Panel 3- On Forming Christian Ethics (Topically focused on: sexuality, marketplace, de- velopment)

This time will be highly conversational and moderated for practicality. The moderator role will be rotated. Moderators of the discussions will always seek to ask, “What does this mean for my faith community context”?

The interaction between panel and others gathered will be very fluid. The goal of the time is to foster conversations that have local, regional and global implications for practitioners and leaders of faith in community