Well I got back last night after one of the most amazing weekends of my life.

Friday night, we had a 'Hooding Ceremony' at the university seminary for the doctoral students and masters students. This involved being called up, and kneeling, then receiving the University Hood Colours, after details about our dissertations and our backgrounds were read out.

At the end of the ceremony, I was awarded the Universities, Distinguished Doctoral Dissertation Award. That was a profound moment for me. Here's a photo of me with the award, and my friend Mike McNichols, who won the Distinguished Doctoral Project Award.

The next day in a large sports hall, at the evening post-graduate graduation award, I was re-hooded and awarded my Doctorate by the University President, graduating 'summa cum laude', and noted for the Universities Distinguished Dissertation Award. George Fox has 3,200 students, offering undergraduate, masters, and various doctorates (Psy.D., Ed.D, D.Mgt., D.Min) . There must have been, nearly 500 students that graduated, with another 500 from the mornings undergraduate graduation ceremony.

Then after a sad farewell to my cohort, Bev and I made our way Sunday a.m to Washington DC. To break the trip up, and avoid a night flight we stayed the sunday night in DC. Thanks to a google search, I had us booked on a 5 hour Segway tour of the cities monuments. I have to get a Segway, they are awesome, although I look stupid on one!

It was also amazing to have Jim and Edena Seaton come down from Seattle to be with us. They are like our adopted parents, and new us before we were married. Also Jim and Barb Henderson, came down from Seattle, which was very special.


The rest of my photos are at my Flickr page. I've also put a very short video clip here.