Luv Esther


With all the talk of reading the bible narratively, that the only real way to understand scripture is not some objective set of facts, seperate from me and others, but by it's connection to God, His world, and His story, I had to recommend Luv Esther to you.

About 50 people from our church went to see this in Brighton last year, including my teenage daughter, and loved it. Now it's coming to London in June, at the Hackney Empire. I'm hoping to get to see it there.

An amazing chance to bring the bible alive for you and others, and a great mission that is supporting HIV relief in Africa.

"The show has been touring the UK over the last year, receiving outstanding reviews and playing to packed theatres. Using a fully professional cast and fusing all the latest technology in sound, lights and media ,luv esther brings together what can only be described as a dynamic, fun and breathtakingly entertaining musical.

luv esther carries a truly premium West End production quality. Tony nominated record producer Kevan Frost ( West End and Broadway), Writer and director Murray Watts (The Miracle Maker), stage set designer Sean Cavanagh (Joseph and The Rat Pack), Writer and Producer Ray Goudie (Record Producer and Director of Inspire Arts) complete a pedigree that makes luv esther a musical extravaganza unlike any other.

The sound track of this musical fuses the current sounds of rap, rock and pop and even dips into the arena of good old vaudeville!"