When is a Review not a Review?


I like Aamazon, it's a place I spend too much money, and they know some tricks to get me to buy more books. I trust them, they tell me books others read, they have space for reviews.

Looking at Brian McLaren's new book on Amazon, I was hoping for some good reviews and some constructive criticisms. Instead it's a few pages of lots of people who have never read the book flaming with angry comments, interspersed with some real reviews.

Why do Amazon let people post in reviews who have never read a book, and why do Christians have to behave this way...sigh. I just wrote to Amazon, saying please let people post reviews, positive and negative, but stop people form turning review space in christian flaming mail discussion forums.

I wrote a review on my site of the book, and said why I liked it, and why I really did not like the title. I wish it was called something else, and I saw this reaction to the title coming a mile away.

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