The Sky is Falling


The Sky is Falling: Alan Roxburgh.

I love Alan Roxburgh's writing, and this new book by him will be a must buy for me.

This is more than a book, it is a manifesto, a proposal for a new way of imagining a common life together as the pilgrim people of God seeking to fulfill God’s purposes for the world in our time.

If we need new kinds of churches, we cannot develop them with old kinds of leaders. We ourselves need to become those new kinds of leaders, even as we all look to the next generations to help them be formed in new apprenticeships in the kinds of skills this book describes.

Alan Roxburgh’s most radical and powerful insight: having new kinds of churches with new kinds of leaders is not the point. In the end, even though we in the church talk and talk (and write and write) about church, church, church, church … it’s not about the church.

The church exists for something bigger than itself. Understanding that one thing alone will be worth your expense, time, and effort in turning this page and reading on–with an open mind and an open heart.

—Taken from foreword and endorsements by Brian McLaren & Tim Keel

Leadership always functions in a given situation or context. How do we lead today—in our current cultural situation? Finally… here is the conceptual framework every leader needs to navigate “stuck-ness” between a past to which we cannot return and a future yet to emerge. —Todd Hunter, President, Alpha USA Former President, Vineyard Churches USA