The New Fundamentalists


I'm in a meeting tonight, so am recording this programme on channel 4's Dispatches, 'The New Fundamentalists'.

Here is the blurb from the web site. --------- Rod Liddle investigates the evangelical Christians who tell teenagers that contraception won't protect them and that homosexuality is wrong – and discovers what children are taught in the state schools they run. Julia Bard reports

The mainstream of the Anglican Church, comfortably familiar to Radio 4 listeners and those who pray only at Christmas and Easter, is in decline. But the evangelical wing is growing. It is targeting and recruiting young people and, says and middle-of-the-road Christian Rod Liddle, could make up half the congregation of the Church of England within five years.

In this Channel 4 Dispatches film, Liddle investigates the ideas and activities of Britain's fundamentalist Christians, whose churches buzz with music, dance and American-style preachers who teach that every word of the Bible is literally true....

See site for rest of background.

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