Jesus: Safe, Tender, Extreme


(Bev here, Jason's wife)  I have just finished a book that has impacted me more than any others I have read in the last 2 years: Adrian Plass’ “Jesus Safe Tender Extreme”. (Not many books have drawn me to ignore screaming children, phones ringing, emails popping, but this one has been a magnet to my soul).

It is really a musing of Adrian’s soul; his adventure with Jesus over the past 40 years. He writes about truth, about all the "good, bad, wonderful, silly, dreadful, puzzling, disappointing, heart-warming things that will happen when ordinary Christians like you and me seriously set out to follow Jesus in the real world". He is refreshingly honest , funny and self-deprecating .

Adrian writes so beautifully – he makes you laugh out loud and weep so that tears are falling down your face. For me, it was like being thrown a life- ring at this particular point on my own journey with Christ. I finished the book in tears, feeling “normal” –a wonderful human being made in the image of a loving Father, but more than that, I met Jesus again.

In our small Christian world with debates raging over homosexuality, sex before marriage,  Emerging church, modern church, how to “do” church, how to keep a church,, should we actually have a church, I felt like I was brought  to my knees to the author and perfector of it all : Jesus.

I feel nourished and more hopeful of my own adventure.