Habits of a CChild's Heart


Habits of a Child's Heart: Valeri Hess & Marti Watson UK - £3.98 USA - $9.23 My wife and I are reading this amazing book. It's about how to help your kids explore spiritual disciplines, and how to practice them with them. We're looking for ways we can use it as a resource for the parents and kids in our church community.

Editorial Reviews From Publishers Weekly Based solidly on Richard Foster’s classic work Celebration of Discipline, this book takes some of the basic components of Christian discipline—including prayer, fasting, meditation, study, service and worship—and adapts them for the very young. The first half of each chapter explains a particular spiritual discipline to parents, and encourages them to practice it in their own lives. The second half offers suggestions for teaching the discipline to children of various ages, with ideas for hands-on learning activities. For example, a school-age child can keep a prayer journal, recording prayer requests and, when possible, answers received; a younger child can give up sugary foods once a week and remember that time with God is the best "dessert" of all. Many parents will appreciate the authors’ suggestions about the discipline of simplicity, teaching children to let go not only of unnecessary material things but also of obligations that are not helping them grow spiritually. This is a wise, essential book. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Book Description According to a recent study, 85% of parents believe they hold the primary responsibility for teaching religious beliefs to their children, and yet most don't act on this belief (source: barna.org). Many parents just don't feel prepared enough to teach the spiritual disciplines to their kids. In Habits of a Child's Heart, authors Valerie E. Hess and Marti Watson Garlett, Ph.D., give parents resources and specific ideas to intentionally develop their child's faith. Loving and diligent adults will learn all about the spiritual disciplines--including study, meditation, service, worship, and more--so they can model and teach them to their kids.