Emergent Rap Battle

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Swedish Three Amigos,
originally uploaded by revjasonclark.

Just got back from Copenhagen, Denmark. I had the most wonderful three days. The theology students were from Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Within the theme of 'Spiritual formation and evangelism in the emergent culture', we covered issues of social construction/agency, history of western theological models for evanghelism and christian education, and at the SALT teaching staff's request, spent some focused time on issues of epistomology and the effects of moving from a modern to post-modern environment and how that affects all of the above. I finished this off in my last session with lots of stories from churches and movies clips to try to earth our reflections in actions.

I had the most wonderful time, in the conversations with students between session, at meals, over coffee and beer, from early until late into the night, I came away feeling I was the one who went away to study, and had learned so much.

I caught up with some old friends, and made some wonderful new ones.

One highlight was a communion service, hearing the students pray the lords prayer in their own language. It struck me forcibly and emotionally of the reality of the prescence of christ as we gathered, not around propostitions but a confession of Christ together, and how we shared that experience in common.

The photo is from a late night conversation with three swedish friends as they brainstormed blogs, and web sites and resources for their network they are working with, that degenerated into reflections on movies, and in particular our appreciation of Eddie Izzard.

My last night they had an entertainment slot, and asked the school's teachers, to have a rap battle, two people for and two people against emerging church. I was roped in and against all my introvert tendencies tries my best, and now small mobile phone recorded copies of me are due to make their way around the internet.

I also got to spend a couple of hours with Thomas Willer and the leaders from Re:Gen. They belong to a church community I would love to be part of.