Critique of Emerging Church


I blogged back in November my response to John Hammett's paper, that he presented to the ETS (Evaneglical Theological Society). His was a critique of Emerging Church, that was prompted by Don Carson's book, that was quickly posted all around the internet.

I noted that whilst Don Carson's book was poorly researched, lacked charity and openess, and made major errors that would have been avoided by talking to the people he critiqued, John Hammett's paper was very different. Mostly in that it was a warm, supportive and open, as well as being a good critique.

Any how John emailed me along with several others, and began a dialogue. He has republished and re-presented his paper in the Criswell Theological Review, incorporating our comments and suggestions.

What I have enjoyed is learning from John, through his responsiveness to suggestions about changes to his paper. I think the result is something far more accurate (in that is involves research that has connected to the people it critiques), is offered by a fellow christian as a warm critique rather than a personalised attack.

I wish more of our critiques and dialogues were this way around, they would be far more helpful and contructive.

Anyhow, you can read the article, including an interview with Brian McLaren here.