Creationism is not a scientific theory


I always new I liked the Arch Bishop of Canterbury. He has made a statement that creationism should not be taught in schools as a theory alongside evolutionary theory. You can read some highlights here.

Personally I'm happy for people to believe in a literal 6 days and creationist theory, as long as they don't want to put it alongside science. As a theory it does not stand up to scientific peer review, and is something very different. I'm also un-enamored with Intelligent Design, which again is not a scientific theory.

For me the creation account is not a scientific theory, it is a story that communicates some truths for my faith, that God made the world, and that it is a good and wonderful creation, that has fallen away from him, due to our lives lived out away from his plans and purposes. For me it is not and never was meant to be a scientific theory.

I was frustrated when my son came home from school and his science teacher had said you could either believe in evolution, or the christian view of a literal creation in 6 days. That was so unfair, there is a view that so many hold that science shows us in many ways the process by which God's creation was formed, but it does not replace the idea that he made it, and it does not necessitate a literal 6 days process to be true.

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