Antenna'06 notes


Here are the notes I used for my presentation and interaction at the Antenna event last weekend in Brussels. And Here are the notes Becky took for me, from the other speakers/presenters.

Some things that stuck with me:

- Philip from Ogilvy & Mather talking about communication, and how in his industry people recognise that it is not good enough to expect people to understand you and where you are, we must go and communicate in ways they understand where they are. Something I already new, but hearing the perspective from an expert in communications was re-inforcing.

- Filip's thesis/suggestion that people oscilate between modern and postmodern, and cycle through responses, and we are all doing this, and rather than polar opposites we can see this is a wavelength that is produced that we can tune into together. I thought this was a powerful way to explore a deep and generous ecclessiology, and avoid the usual modern and post-modern polemics and polarization's. Filip's powerpoint is here.

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