The problem with blogs


The post below on coComments, reminds me of one of the problems of blogs. Blogs often repeat the process of non interaction of congregations. One person posts their thoughts, lots of people drop by to read/listen, whilst a few people join in, and the poster never responds to the people who comment. And now we have video casting where the monologue goes online :-) Blogs are so often the new congregations and in any event if you like the congregation or blogs, maybe it doesn't matter.

The shift to empowering people who comment is fascinating. Allowing people who comment to get feedback from the number of times they comment, info on where they comment, ratings by people on the value of their comments, is all coming to a blog near you. Whilst people have raced to make blogs look good, have great navigation, and put up good regular content, the empowerment of others, enabling people to comment, to value them, to respond, to build community around them, has to be the future.

The coComment site I posted on, is the tip of an iceberg of empowerment for people who want to dialogue and interact. I really think we'll see people with no blog, getting more connections and links by being great commentors. We'll know people not for the site they run, but by their reputation for commenting and conversation.

Good news for people who would rather comment than run a blog.