Seven Habits of Highly Successful Taggers


So maybe you've heard of (and that Yahoo bought them recently), social tagging/bookmarking, but are still wondering what on earth it is and how to use it. You may have heard of Flickr, and that yahoo bought them too. You may have heard that they are a big part of Web 2.0. And if you are like me your still trying to get your head around it, and wondering where to begin.

1. What is social bookmarking/tagging?:Short explanation here. 2. How to get tagging: Great list of 7 tips for getting into tagging, here. 3. Blog your tags: And if you are on typepad and want to have your tags posted daily as a blog post try this. 4. Use Spotlight: And if you are on a mac, you can use this plug into to allow spotlight to search tagged sites for you (it's amazing).

How are you getting into tagging, any tips, hints, plug ins, links to share?