I've plugged the BBC's Religion and Ethics site a few times before. There is a great series of interviews as audio and transcipts available on the site, more info below.

"A returning series of programmes in which Joan Bakewell talks to artists and other public figures about what they believe and why. In a society where the arena of belief has become increasingly personal and subjective, she explores in conversation with her guests the influences that have shaped them, the ideas they have about life's big questions and how what they believe affects both their personal and professional lives."

In particular there is a fascinating interview with Alisterr McGrath:

"Alister McGrath holds a personal chair in Historical Theology at Oxford University, but his writing covers a much broader spectrum, much of it springing from his early career in the sciences. In a recent book he charted what he describes as the rise and fall of atheism, contending that it belongs to a past era from which we are now emerging in which religious faith will regain significance.