How to send large files


What do you do when you have a very large file to send to someone, that MP3 talk, podcast,video clip? Most people's e-mail has file size limits of 2-50MB depending on the company. Some people have larger file handling abilities, but in practice sending large files via e-mails, causes problems with most e-mail applications. So what can you do:

1. Burn it to DVD/CD (But you still have to mail it). 2. Gmail: Use Gmail as a file storage system, like on online hard disk, PC or Mac, and get over 2GB of online storage. Still not easy to let others access, unless they install stuff on their computers, but free very cool on a mac. 3. FTP:Or something similar, but this needs you to have web/server space and access set up and let others have access to it. 4. .Mac Account: Like numbers 2 & 3 above, with a public idisk folder, but often to much for other people to download the idisk utility on mac and pc and then use it with your idisk. 5. File Transfer Company: Use someone like, who offer a free account. You upload a file, then get a link to send people for them to download the file. This one is easy for the person you are sending the file to. 6. Torrents: Use the power of torrent file sharing, but again a bit technical for most people.