Grid Blog for Int'l Women's Day


Rachelle, who I first met where her community hangs out in Seattle, and have bumped into a few times since, has started this grid blog.

You can get your blog involved too, see below:

1) Post It! use your voice by posting on March 8th. (If you are in Seattle I would encourage you topost about your experience as a woman in a city where voices like Mark Driscoll at the Mars Hill Church have so much influence -- especially over young women and men. Although, all justice realted topics around women and gender equity are welcome.)

2) Name It! For consistency, please title your post: Grid Blog for Int'l Women's Day: add your subtitle here

3) Illustrate It!: With the attached .gif from Sam Brown at

4) Register It!: By sending your link to Rachelle will consolidate all the links into one earth shattering list. Please send links by noon on the 8th.

5) Pass is on! Send this to a blogging pal or post the invite on your blog.