Emergent Theological Conversation - Miroslav Wolf Day I


Well I arrived yesterday after a bumpy flight (the jumbo jet I was on bounced around like a toy plane in a kids hands), drove up to New Haven, CT, and check in and registered. Yale looks beautiful, and I might get some time today to take a look and get some photos.

My trip got off to a great start, seeing James Mills, who I hadn't seen for two years, and he brought me a Denver Starbucks mug (I collect them from places I have been, sad I know), what a top guy (handsome man above and great blogger).

Despite jet lag I was enthralled by Miroslav Volf, and Tony did such a great job interviewing him. Highlights for me of the first session was:

1. Way of life: Hearing someone passionate about theology, and how it should lead to a way of living, otherwise it's of little value. Theology for a way of life.

2. Being: in a room with 300 people, excited about and doing theology, as a way to grow in faith, and see others grow. I still pinch myself that theology can be this exciting, challenging, and relational.

3. Navigation: Hearing Volf talk about how he navigates and filters all the sources he uses for his theology, by keeping in mind the global narrative of the bible, and the Apostles Creed.

4. Sectarianism: How the church can be sectarian, in either moralizing and reacting against culture, or accommodating by popular psychologising, or being enthralled by other culturalisms. There is no simple way for Christians to react to any culture. There are multiple ways in which we can react to culture. But however we react,it must be from understanding God's grace.

5. Organisation: The more we organise our church life around God, than ourselves the more successful we might be as church.

6. Distinction: Volf sees no distinction between theological work and faith in action, as a way of life. Moltmann said to Volf that theology is often so removed from issues of people’s everyday lives, that they are not interested in theology.

So wonderful to see someone so good at theology, with a life that exudes that in practice, and love for Christ and the church, and mission. BTW James has a list of other bloggers covering this event.

(please excuse any typos, due to my usual poor typing and jet lag!)