Emergent Magazine - your ideas?


I'm spending all day tomorrow with a few people to explore what we might put into an online/print copy magazine for Emergent, as a resource for people. The images above are not final designs, just some graphics for this post.

The idea is to have something people can have in their hands or download and share via PDF, that offers in depth articles, and resources. So what you like to see in this kind of magazine? We need your input.

Also anyone have experience in design, content, magazine world that they would want to lend to this project?

Following some comments below, here are some of the aims of having a magazine, that might help in further comments/suggestions:

Audience: - People new to Emergent, wanting to find out more and get involved, as well as people who already feel connected to Emergent (This is not a magazine trying to speak for or cover the whole of the Emerging Church.) - Provide access to a resource for people sympathetic to Emergent, who feel disenfranchised by the penchant for web-based publishing by those most associated with Emergent.

Goals: - Bring together well known thinkers, and provide space for people no-one has every heard of, who are involved directly with Emergent. - Provide editorial scrutiny from peers before publication, something blogging doesn't at present (largely). In other words explore the benefits of non blogging media. - Help bring more people into conversation with Emergent and each other. - Extend the process of communication and resourcing that has taken place in books, gatherings, blogging, into a largely unused media.

Content: - extended articles, interviews, reviews and comment on a broad range of theological and cultural issues.

Name - The magazine will most likely have a name, yet to be decided (any ideas?)