Eco Church


As part of our belief in holistic mission and spirituality our church community is going to explore ecological and environmental issues this year by:

1. Bible: Exploring through the bible and interactions/teaching, why care for the environment should be part of our spirituality and responsibility. 2. Eco Review: We are making an eco review of the church, especially our offices, and meeting venues and committing ourselves to action with an ecology ethos statement, to implement changes, and be accountable over this issue. 3. Doable Tips: We are going to provide resources and practical tips for our community to implement themselves, and make this a regular part of our communication as a community, and celebrate achievements in energy and waste savings etc. 4. Eco Team:Like any other church ministry, we are hoping for others who have a passion for this, to come on board and help lead us as a community.

So my question for you all. Have any of you done this in any way, any resources you can point us to?