The Color Purple


Thanks to free flights with airmiles, Bev and I got away for the weekend and stayed with friends in New York. As it is my birthday end of this month, they took us out for a show on broadway. Now I'm not a fan of musicals, I saw Les Miserable, and thought it was ok, but I never got the nuts who have seen it 20 times.

So when I heard we were going to watch The Color Purple, I was found myself saying 'great', and inside wondering if I was going to fall asleep with jet lag and if there would be room for my legs, and that I new nothing about the book, or the film of the book, let alone a stage show, and wishing again that americans would learn to spell the word 'colour' properly.

So expecting very little, I then spent three hours entranced, captivated, transported, and cried like a baby. It was one of those experiences, when you feel your soul has been fed, and God seems so very close.

Apparently the Pulitzer Prize winning book sold over 5 million copies, the film gained 11 Oscar Nominations, and now the show that opened on 1st December 2005 has been breaking box office records.

I hope it translates to London, I need to see it another 19 times...meantime I'm off to read the book. Anyone else out there seen it, read the book, watched the film?

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