Should I move away from typepad?

Once upon a time typepad was the business, the bees knees, but now I am feeling left behind and frustrated. I want to be able to let people subscribe to comments by e-mail to follow discussions, I want to use Taggerati 3.0 for tagging all my posts with the social bookmarks networks, I'm tired of typepad running slow, or going down.

So here are my questions, if any of you can help?

1. Is Wordpress the platform of choice, with the ultimate plugins. I don't want to move again for some time? 2. Do I host this in my own web space/server or are there better companies out there for it? 3. I need some help on design and can pay someone, anyone you know who specializes in blog design for non profits? 4. How do I keep my previous posts in ways people can still access, or am I doomed to start again, what is the best way to migrate and still link to stuff already written? 5. And which plugins are essential for my new blog once it's up and running? 6. And is Ecto the tool of choice still for writing and posting my stuff? 7. Anyone who knows how to do all this and can help me?

If you have any experience or thoughts on any of these, please leave me some info/comments/thoughts!

Thanks for your help, Jason.