I was at a florist late afternoon, surprising my wife with some flowers. Whilst the florist was wrapping the flowers I heard some shouting outside, and went out, to find two men shouting at a traffic warden. Now they had parked without paying in an area clearly marked, yet were angry that they had been given tickets.

I've always looked at traffic wardens and wondered what kind of job it must be, to have so much abuse given to you daily. I got to see it first hand today. One of these men pulled alongside the traffic warden just ahead of me, and I heard him mouth the most foul litany of racial insults. In that moment I watched to face of the black traffic warden, he was impassive, I guess he hears it all the time.

I was angry, and struggled to keep my calm, and moved over and spoked to the driver, saying I'd heard everything he said, and we have laws against racial hatred, and that I was calling the police, and he sped off at that point.

I offered to be a witness for the Traffic Warden, he is allowed to report people to the police, and gave him my details. I found myself apologizing, wishing I could do more, disgusted at the blatant hatred and lack of respect. And as I left, wondered if he would be bothered to report it, it must happen every day.

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