Quest II


Well we have had a first couple of sessions of Quest in our community, and from text messages, web submissions, questions on the night, some of the topics we have been discussing are below.

We have another meeting together tonight to talk about these some more, it's been great to provide a space for people to feel safe to ask questions, and see people growing in faith as a result. 10 people in the group are considering baptism and we'll be discussing that tonight too.

Church - Why so many different churches, who is right, wrong? - How would Jesus run a Church? - Why has church put off so many people?

Bible - How does the OT & NT go together? - Is the bible propaganda, and why do people use it as such? - How was the bible put together? - How do we understand the bible? - Why was Jesus message no clear?

Sex - Why is the church so hung up about sex? - Why does God allow natural disasters? - Homosexuality: is it choice, genetics, nurture, right or wrong? - Is sex outside marriage wrong?

Suffering/Pain/Evil - Why does God allow natural disasters? - Why is life so difficult? - Does God test our faith, and what is the difference between temptation and testing?

Heaven/Hell - Is Jesus the only way to heaven? - What about other religions, are they all wrong? - Do good people get to heaven? - Why does God allow people to go to Hell? - Do people who commit suicide go to heaven? - Do people before Jesus, mental ill people, children go to Heaven, if they haven’t accepted Christ? - What is heaven like? - What is conversion?

Misc - Why did Jesus not get married if he experience life like us? - Are demons real, or all psychological? - What is the trinity? - What is the role of women in the church? - How do you know you are a real Christian? - How do we hear God? - How many times can you sin? - What about ghosts, aliens and spirits, are they real and what does it mean? - How does evolution fit with Christianity?