Psalm Readings


A friend of mine, Sarah Fordham, has produced a great small booklet/publication that explores creative writing in a workbook format, to help people connect to God in everyday life. Brian McLaren and Richard Forster wrote a recommendation for it.

Sarah turns 16 psalms from the bible into questions, that readers use on their own, or in groups, that result in them producing their own psalms. The book is full of creative writing tips, and Sarah's own answers/reflections to help others in their reflections. Sarah had a residency at the National Poetry Society in Covent Garden, London. She works with inner city congregations, runs creativity and spirituality groups with the homeless, in prisons, and hospitals etc. She also runs retreats for churches taking groups through workshops, and reflections.

She has a web site due to go up at for her 2nd workbook. Meantime you can get copies for £6 and ask her questions here.

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