Plogging Papercasting Plogcasting Plogcast Papercast


Kester wants to declare the suggestion of a new word, Plogging: Publishing a hard copy of your blog. His example of using Lulu to print a hard copy of your blog is intriguing, and I wonder if some bloggers should offer hard copy of their best posts, there are a few I would consider buying. Also the move from blog media to hard copy book as medium makes sense. Keep and eye on this trend, I think it will go places.

However, Plogging, is a word already taken, by Amazon, using it for P(ersonalised) blogs, for recommending books to buyers, and a few others are using the term for blogging, for diary and journal entries, i.e a blog genre.

'Papercasting', using a blog to put up posts with scans of hand written images rather than text, saving paper, and making people read a very different media is intriguing. Maybe the word can be turned around. Maybe the 'papercast' will be the trend to publish in book form, blog content. Seems plogcasting, plogcast, papercast, plogging are already being used but not for the process Kester has highlighted.

So what word would use for the process of turning a blog into a paper format? (and no stupid suggestions like 'useless/waste of time/needless etc *smirk*)