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If you haven't met it, let me introduce you to Film Loop. What's a Loop? It's a string of images that moves across your screen. Filmloop is free software to broadcast, find, and share photos. Link a Loop on your Blog or Web site. Drag and drop photos directly to the desktops of your entire social network in a live, continually updating Loop.

So I've set up a loop and would love you to add your photo, and have some faces to know you all by on this blog. As people add themselves they'll appear in the ticker tape of images on my screen, and yours if you want to play this loop.

If you have Filmloop installed , click here. If you don't have Filmloop already clip here

It's quick and easy, give it a go, and more info in continuation section on getting your photo on it.

Thanks to Guy Kawasaki for these advice tips:

Once you have installed Filmloop:

1. Drag and drop a picture yourself in the loop. 2. Change the caption of the frame from the default name of the file to your name and location by double clicking on your picture. 3. A single loop's capacity is 200 pictures. If it gets close to this limit, I will create another loop and link it to the previous loop. 4. Power users can add a “frame action” to a picture. Put your cursor (without clicking) on your picture. A yellow frame will appear, click on the arrow, and select “Set frame action.” In the “Set Photo Action” popup, select “Go to website.” Enter your web address. Now when people double click on your picture, they will go to your web site. 5. If you want to share this loop with anyone, click on the “Share” button. Then enter that person's email address and send it.