How to chose a book title?

I really need your help, not to mention your prayers.

OK, here I am getting ready to sign contracts to write two books, and the thing I am struggling with most, is a title for each, to put on the initial contracts. Thankfully they can be changed, but just to get started, I am scratching my head. I know they need to be catchy and intriguing but not so ambiguous that people can't get some idea of what the books are about.

So maybe if post the book concepts here and my very very bad title ideas, some of you creative types can suggest some better ones, and I'll acknowledge the best one if I get to use it. I also want to involve people in the writing process of these books as much as I can, and incorporate it into the books, with support from the publishers.

The Middle Way: This comes out of my doctoral dissertation, which was titled 'Via Media', and explores the wisdom of a middle way for doing church between the extremes of stiff conservativism on one hand and the reactionary ultra fluidity and pragmatism on the other, and how theology can steer us through both. It's a book for pastors and leaders, who still love and believe in church, who are open to issues of culture and change, not wanting to react defensively to emerging culture and context, but don't want to go down the 'lets be post-church route', and want some help.

The Life You Already Have This is a general, non leadership book on spiritual formation. It would take the experiences, stories, teaching, and practices from my church community, for content, but is specifically about my church. It's more a how can people find, develop, grow in faith in community in an emerging context. I'm hoping it will be a book that ordinary people can read, and again help them avoid the two extremes of conservative reaction, and post-church pragmatism, and get into issues of emerging church through a middle way.

So what on earth would be intriguing and at the same time give and idea of what these book are about? Don't be shy post some suggestions please! And if you are up for it, please link to this and help me get as many suggestions as possible.